Just checking in about the EMT course I completed in September with JTM.  Seemed like you guys were interested in hearing how folks do on the NREMT exam, so I just want to let you know that I passed on the first try about three weeks after the course.  The questions seemed really hard and I only had about 70 questions, so I was a little worried about it but passed.
I was really really nervous about doing an online course and did a lot of research before signing up.  You were so helpful each time I called to ask questions before registering for the course, and if it weren’t for your confidence in the program and willingness to help I never would have signed up.  I took about three months to complete the course on my own, and every time I emailed you I got an almost immediate response, which was pretty impressive. I also emailed the course instructor, Brad, once and he was also very responsive.  Thanks also for scheduling my ride along.  I was with Henderson Fire, and they were fun to be around and made me feel very welcome there.  It was also a great networking experience, and I am still in touch with some people in Henderson.
Once I arrived at JTM, everyone was very impressed you knew our names somehow without ever meeting us! The course instructors were great. I don’t remember their names right now, but they were very knowledgeable and I liked the more relaxed learning environment they created.  I do feel like the skills portion was rushed at times, and it would have been helpful to have the skills checklist beforehand to study, but overall I learned a lot in three days. I do think I would have learned more in a traditional classroom, but I never would have been able to to take a traditional class since I live and work in a national park. It was really helpful when the instructors gave us practice questions that were similar to the ones the NREMT exam.
So thank you again very much for all of your hard work along the way! I feel like everyone at JTM and especially you were very organized, responsive, and actually care about students’ progress in the course. Happy Holidays to you all!

EMT Student – Dec 2016

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