Ross Francis, NREMT Paramedic

Good evening!  I wanted to thank you all one more time and express how absolutely blown-away and impressed I was with the course.  This is by far the BEST medical training I’ve had the privilege to attend.  I know that there is so much behind the scenes work that you all put in.from developing/setting up the scenarios to moulaging patients (and just getting patients and roll-players to begin with)..the whole process is daunting but you pull it off very well and without any hitches that I could see.

I was also really impressed with the no-nonsense way we were “refreshed” in all the medical topics; your instructors made it easy enough to understand/remember, without “dumbing it down” at all.  I learned so many little tidbits and hints that I’m sure to remember for the rest of my career!

The scenarios were awesome and it was great to get outside, and have some fun as well.  I appreciate the accuracy of the patients “acting” their illnesses/injuries and I appreciate how the instructor staff was never overly critical or egotistic at all.  Speaking-of, I’ve never been to a course where the instructors ask the students to hang out for a cold drink!! awesome is that??!!

I could go on and on, but again I just wanted to express my gratitude to the three of you for everything over the 2 weeks.  If there is ever the need and if you think I’ll be suitable I would be honored to help instruct any part of this course, or any of your others as you see fit. 

Thanks again and take good care.

Very Respectfully,

Ross Francis, NREMT Paramedic, US State Department Contractor

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