How do I get started?

Our online EMT course is completely self-paced. You will have 1 year to complete approximately 195 hours of education, which includes the online course and skills labs.  The online portion of the EMT course is 40 chapters long with quizzes and tests built into each chapter as well as a midterm and final exam.  These are important since you must maintain an 80% average to graduate from the program. The course itself must be paid in full before you will be given access to the course.  Once your enrollment documents and payment are received you will be emailed your personal course codes on the 1st of the month.  Once you have access you just need to follow the easy self-paced training site and complete your quizzes and tests as you go along.

When is the deadline to sign up for the upcoming course? 

A new EMT online class starts on the first of every month.  You have until the end of the month to enroll in that course.  Example- if you want to be in the 1 Dec 18 course, you must be signed up by 30 Nov 18, otherwise, you will have to enroll in the 1 Jan 19 course.

OK! I signed up, now what?

Once you have signed up through our webpage you will be contacted by our registration manager. She will walk you through the process of providing NAR with the proper documentation to be submitted to the class. This will include our enrollment agreement, proof of education level, proof of identification, and any other information needed to be properly enrolled.

Who’s eligible?

High school graduates, must be 18 years old and be able to read and write in English.  Must provide one of the following- HS diploma, GED, college transcript or diploma, and DD Form 214.

 Proof of Identification?

You need to show us who you are! Color copies of your drivers’ license, state ID, Military ID, and Passport are all acceptable forms of identification.

So how does this work?

After course completion & written exam taken with a passing grad, you will be a Nationally Registered EMT.  If you need a state license (other than NV) you’ll have to get with your local health district for details on reciprocity applications.  Once your enrollment documents and payment are received you will be emailed your personal course codes to access the JBlearning.comstudent page.  Once you have access you just need to follow the easy self-paced training site and complete your quizzes and tests as you go along.

That is a lot of money! …What am I getting?

Included in the fees you pay are your course code and access to the online platform JBlearning.com. Through the platform you have access to the e-text book which can be downloaded onto a smart phone or iPad. If you would like to order the hard copy textbook this can be done through the registrations manager for $130 and will be drop shipped to your location. Also you are eligible to attend your hands on skills labs through NAR, and a required 12 hour clinical rotation, ride along, with a local fire department, ambulance company, or emergency room.

What do I do if I’m having trouble?

The JBlearning site is made to work with you and remediate any chapters you seem to be having trouble with. Remember you must complete the course with an 80% average to graduate. If you think this may be an issue, you can contact your online programs manager or the NAR Instructional Staff and we will be able to assist you with the problem.

I’m almost finished with the online portion. Now what?

Once you are three quarters of the way through the online portion, and you have an average at 80% or above, you may contact the registration manager to be scheduled for your skills labs and ride along. You must be 100% complete in the online portion before you come to your skills week! If you are not 100% complete we will not be permitted to move you ahead to the hands on portion of your training. We hold hands on skills training once a month for those students who are eligible.

EMT Skills labs & Psychomotor skills testing?

Skills labs and testing are scheduled once a month on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Your tuition for the class does not cover your travel if you are not in the local Las Vegas area. It is your responsibility to book your own transportation and travel for the skills portion of the class.  During your skills days you will earn your BLS card (Basic Life Support). Our instructors will spend these days working with you to learn the necessary hands on skills to succeed as an EMT.

 Ride along, what’s that?

Once you are finished with the online portion of your training you are required to do a 12-hour ride along with our local fire department, ambulance company, and/or emergency room. You can schedule this through our registration manager. If you are not local to the Las Vegas area you also have the option of completing your ride along through a fire department, ambulance company, or emergency department near you.  You will be responsible for contacting the option of your choice and scheduling your own ride along date and time. You will need to print out the ride along forms we provide and take these with you on your ride along so they can be properly and completely filled out by the supervisor present.

Upon Completion.

So you have completed your online course, come to skills week, gone for your ride along, and submitted all the necessary paperwork to the registration manager, now what? Your last step is to schedule your National Registry EMT written exam at a 3rd part testing facility.   To do this you need to schedule your exam through the Pearson Vue website, https://home.pearsonvue.com. They have testing facilities all over the world and you can find a location nearest to you!

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