Direct quotes from end-of-course critiques

“Nailed it!” Gaddy/USAF PJ

“Absolutely amazing course that will help me personally while deployed overseas or back home. Absolutely met my expectations! I’m amazed at how much I was able to learn and how much info was presented!”   – Andy/State Dept Medic

“Exceeded my expectations and learned a lot more about tactics” – Darryll/Flight Paramedic & SAR Medic

“I think this is one of the best medical courses I have ever done in my 12 year career. Your enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff makes learning fun and relevant. Thank you for the opportunity” – SOF MEDIC student/Mar 2013

“I expected Tier-One medical and tactical training and was not disappointed” – Max/PSS/EMT

“Took advantage of the large class size (24 medics) which provided a diverse group to interact and learn from. Mixed teams made for a good learning environment” – Josh B./CANSOF Medic

“You exceeded any and all expectations” McIntyre/PSS/EMT-P

“I had no idea what to expect. However, based upon my previous military & civilian courses, I may have had a pre-conceived idea. These ideas have been surpassed with great satisfaction” – Roger/PSS Medic/LP/RN

“Great course! Enjoyed it and it was an educationally, thorough and relevant course. Would definitely come through again.” – Andrew D/USAF PJ

“All instructors were subject matter experts and made this course awesome. Having been to this course before, I see the adaptation as a result of real-world feedback.” – Tracy B./USAF PJ

“Excellent, Time and money well spent! Exceeded my expectations” – Name withheld/PSD Medic

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