The Meadows School

Thank you so much for hosting our 1st “Military Experience” field trip for my Military History Class.

I believe our students had one of the highlights of their academic lives working with JTM.  They learned both important skills and about real life, having to employ the skills your instructors taught them under significant stress.

This trip has been a dream of mine as an educator, and you guys at JTM made this happen.  For that, you all have my deepest appreciation.

Students provided the following feedback on their experience:

This trip was fun and exciting, and also very educational.  The organization was very structured and enjoyable which made the experience something to remember.”

The experience really helped show how working together will lead to success.”

This field trip we took gave me much more respect for the military.  The PT was much harder than I expected and gave me some insight as to how strong and fit soldiers must be to accomplish their missions.  The paintball simulation allowed me to understand just how hard it is to shoot, communicate, an execute a mission while under pressure from the enemy.

“There was a perfect balance between fun, education and hard work.”

Thank you again, and I hope that JTM enjoyed working with our students as much as we enjoyed work with your instructors.


Adam Betzelberger/Upper School History Teacher

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