NAR Training – West Coast US

West Coast Training Center:

7055 Speedway Blvd, Suite E-104
Las Vegas, NV 89115
United States

Phone: (888) 374-7808
Fax:  (702) 685-3430

NAR Training trains hundreds of civilians, military, police, EMS & fire department personnel annually.  The students come for a wide array of unique and challenging training topics to include civilian education & certifications as well as Tactical & Operational medical programs.   Educational programs are now offered to both the civilian and military spec-ops personnel; however, the classes are segregated as to keep all participants in their respective lanes of expertise. NAR Training West Coast facilities are located in Southern Nevada.


 NAR provides two main topics of education & support to include:

  1. Civilian-based EMS education and certifications
  2. Operational and Tactical medicine programs


NAR Training lives the philosophy of giving those individuals going into harms way the best available training and skills to save lives and return home safely, wherever the mission takes them.


NAR Training provides training and support requirements to its specialized customers from around the world with the best value for life-saving techniques and the utmost desire to maximize the quality of training delivered in an intense, safe, friendly and comfortable environment while fostering teamwork, trust and ethics.


NAR sustains a base of instructors who have a collective set of experiences to include Joint Special Operations backgrounds as well as subject matter experts from outside of the military confines. NAR provides a cadre of professionals who provide literally hundreds of years of experience in teaching pre-hospital medicine, advanced weapons handing and ground scenario support.

Medical Direction 

Dr. Dale Carrison (West Training Center)

NAR Training – West – Medical Programs Manager

NAR Training employs a full-time Medical Programs Manager who is a true-specialist in pre-hospital medicine, advanced cardiac and pediatric care. Our medical coordinator is world-renowned for professionalism, knowledge and ability to customize each lesson to the exact needs of the customers.

Our medical education staff includes dozens of medical professionals, including physicians, PA’s, nurses, civilian & military medics and other subject matter experts.  This robust team of educators bring a high degree of knowledge, skills and abilities to all medical courses of instruction.

Ground Operations Manager

This manager has direct involvement with all training programs requiring unique facilities, personnel, equipment and logistics.  Our Ground Operations Manager is world-renowned for incorporating realism into all out-of-classroom learning and training environments.

Supporting our Ground Ops Manager is a staff which includes members of the US Army Special Forces, US Naval Special Warfare, US Marine Corps, USAF, Law Enforcement and civilian experts.  This eclectic group of professionals all contribute to a wide knowledge base of training theory, course construction, scenario implementation, role player use and ground maneuver.

Other NAR personnel that contribute to training success

  • Moulage special effects artists
  • Amputee role players
  • Abled-bodied role players
  • Foreign language speakers
  • Opposing forces


NAR Training programs are designed for a multitude of first-responder disciplines to include: Pre-Hospital Medical Education & Certifications, Ground operations and hyper-realistic training scenarios for small and large groups. NAR Training provides numerous training opportunities throughout the US providing a wide-array of training aids to facilitate many training options.


  • Training Centers at different geographical areas throughout the United States
  • 13,000 square foot training support buildings, classroom and storage (Nevada-based)
  • Multiple 27-person classrooms & briefing room use
  • Dedicated rooms for Tactical Operations Center (TOC)
  • Full audio/visual equipment support
  • 4000 square feet of controlled environment for team & individual equipment storage
  • Secure weapons & ammunition storage
  • Limited vehicle repair & tool support and similar items to facilitate diverse training requirements of teams operating in southern Nevada and local areas.
  • Exterior parking for large trucks & trailers
  • Exterior vehicle parking for 50+ cars & trucks
  • Interior parking for specialized & clandestine vehicles
  • Multiple on and off-road driving tracks nearby
  • Live-fire weapon ranges in close proximity
  • Within ½ mile of a major interstate


  • Specialty Vehicles
  • IED trainers
  • Rental of weapons & related gear support
  • Ammunition support
  • UTM conversion kits
  • Force-on-force equipment

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