Course Description

The “FED MED” is a unique training program which is custom-built for our nations’ law enforcement officers who also have the formal training and certifications to save lives.

The uniquely built curriculum begins with sound education in the classroom taught by subject matter experts, physicians, critical care nurses; as well as civilian, SWAT and combat medics.

The course then focuses on identifying and diagnosing treatment options in various high-fidelity skills stations and patient assessment environments.

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care is continually infused, covering all treatment guidelines and new equipment options. The course then finishes with numerous scenarios using medical patients & role players in challenging environments.

Intended Audience

  • Federal Law Enforcement Officers with an EMS Certification

Features & Benefits

  • NAEMT TECC Certification
  • Updated Skills
  • Hot, Warm and Cold Zone Medical Treatment Options
  • Meets All Requirements for NREMT EMT NCCP Recertification
  • Science-Based Curriculum
  • Industry-Leading Instructors
  • Unique LE-Centric Field Scenarios
  • Team Building


  • SME Instructors
  • Ever-Evolving Curriculum
  • State-Of-The-Art Facilities And Equipment
  • Industry Standard for Realistic Training Scenarios

Certifications Achieved:
Basic Life Support/Tactical Emergency Casualty Care + Full EMT Recert

Course Information & Registration:
Registration@NARescue.com · Phone: 888-374-7808 x101


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