Elissa Wahl, Las Vegas resident

Dear Mr. Mitchell,

My name is Elissa Wahl, and I have been a member of the Las Vegas community for just over 11 years now. I am both a stay-at-home homeschooling mom and an activist within the community. My gun experience is somewhat new (9 mo. or so). I was recently blessed to be able to take a course taught by your instructors and I wanted to take a moment to send you my feedback.

I don’t know if I could ever capture in words the feelings I had when I left this course. I felt empowered enough that if the bad guy came to my house today; I’d be able to save my family and myself. I could “ do this”! I also left half in love with your instructor, because he was sooooooo positive about our efforts, and soooo affirmative. I understand that this is a huge aspect of training, and I am so happy to tell you your instructor is right on!

Along with the “high” feeling, came a few other things: The knowledge that I need more training and the relief of understanding the laws and application of the laws (pertaining to shooting the bad guy).

In the ensuing time since I took the class, I have taken a lot of time to read on training, “killing”, and mentalities and I can’t help but be overwhelmed with gratitude for your class and instructor. This wasn’t just some course that taught us book knowledge and sent us on our way. This was real life knowledge and practice, no, it was training. The training aspect was unbelievable, and I believe otherwise unobtainable. This training should be taught to all policemen, all military, it should be employed far and wide. I was saddened to learn this is not the case.

If I have not been clear enough, I’ll re-state, this class was wonderful. It was economically very feasible, it was very understandable, and it included the most impressive training, which I believe will forever impact my life.

I sincerely thank you and your team for your dedication, passion, and ability to reach people with this class. Please keep it up!


Elissa Wahl, Las Vegas resident

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